You Must Be Your Own Advocate: Letter to Whistleblower9

I’ve made countless calls and e-mails trying to deal with my issues with Charlotte’s Special Transit Service. Here is my next move! I post this letter in hopes to not only bring awareness but to inspire others to be their own advocate and to keep pushing the issue. Your efforts will not only help you but may help others like you.

CATS STS Won’t Pickup Quadriplegic Man

Dear Whistleblower9,

Today, I am writing to report “waste” or the inability of the CATS Special Transit Service (STS) to use common sense judgement to provide proper service to their handicap riders.

My specific issue is that STS will not pick me up and drop me off at my home in Pineville, even though their site states that they service Pineville.

“CATS’ goal is to serve all citizens of the region including those with special needs. Special Transportation Service (STS) provides door-to-door transit services within Charlotte’s City limits, including the towns of Matthews & Pineville, for individuals with disabilities certified as eligible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).”

I have made several attempts to get them to pick me up at my home via phone calls and emails to the supervisors and management of STS. The ultimate reason I was given for not picking me up is as follows:

“It’s a policy decision based on the ADA guidelines. STS used to routinely pickup riders outside on the ¾ buffer; however, the huge influx of new riders who formally rode with DSS has stretched our resources to only ADA rides.”

-W. Peter Wallace,General Manager Special Transportation/Van Pool, 704.336.3860,

Now here is where the waste comes in, so I can still use STS I have them pick me up from Mama’s Coffee house located only 1.1 miles, just 2 minutes away from my house according to google maps. They literally pass by my neighborhood to go to the coffee shop to pick me up and drop me off! So by not picking me up at my house they are not saving any resources (their reason for not picking me up), they may actually be using more.

You may be wondering why this is such an issue for me. I’m a quadriplegic and I solely use STS is to get back and forth to doctors appointments and therapy. With my condition and 2 small children it is difficult for me to get anywhere, even 1.1 miles. (I would be willing to wheel myself down to the coffee shop but there are not sufficient sidewalks for me to get there, which may be another issue for Whistleblower9.) For more information on me please visit my blog

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


David Jeffers

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