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Man oh man another August 1st has rolled up on me… It’s always a time of mixed emotions. On one hand I’m so grateful for all the progress I’ve made, staying healthy, all the love/support and relationships, etc that have happened over the passed 5 years but on the other hand the frustration and disappointment I feel that physically I’m … Continue reading

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Toddler SCI-PTSD

Last weekend the weather was exceptionally nice, sunny with highs in the mid seventies. For many Quads like myself their inability to regulate their body temperature and low blood flow, we can’t wait for this type if weather. Well, I guess anybody welcomes this type of weather but for us it makes the day much better because we are not … Continue reading

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That Day (when the accident happened)

We arrived in Kure Beach on a Saturday to start our family vacation, the vacation that had been months in the making, heavily anticipated and quite possibly the start of a new family tradition.  My wife wanted to do a summer vacation that not only included us but also our extended family, so we rented a home large enough for all … Continue reading

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