Straight Outta

imageWilliam G Enloe Magnet High School is more than my alma mater, it’s the best! While I was there (class of 96) I knew Enloe was something special but now with my 20 year reunion right around the corner I really know it. I could tell you a million stories and reasons why it’s so great and how my time there greatly affected who I am today but I’m just going to give you 2.

1. Our class song was Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep. (This needs no further explanation, lol)

2. Comradery. When I had my accident it had been 15 years since I had graduated in 1996. My closest friends, associates and other alumni I didn’t even know came together to throw a huge fundraiser for me. Now 4 years post injury, 20 years after graduation the most and best supporters are still my Enloe alumni/students.

I am forever grateful and will rep Enloe until the casket drops.

Hit the link to participate in my 2015 therapy fundraiser raffle.

Prizes include $500, $300 and $100 cash!

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