It’s My Party

Yep, today is my 2 year rebirth day, the anniversary of my life changing accident. Every time one of these milestones come up they bring about mixed emotions. On one hand I feel great full for my life and all the progress I have made. On the other hand I feel disappointed that I’m not further along. It’s also crazy how this 2 years feels like the longest shortest time ever. Sometimes it feels like it happened just yesterday and others it feels like for ever because I’ve had a life time of experiences. Really, these milestones only have as much power as you give them. This power can be positive or negative. For the most part I’m feeling positive and looking forward to the opportunities a head. A while back I had announced that I’d be out of this chair by today, that didn’t happen but I know I’m on my way. I got cleared for some manual chair seat time and I got into the NRN (a therapy program where 88% of the participants regained some ability to walk).

Year 3 is my year!

So yeah, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want too but I don’t, so lets celebrate!

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