iQuadits: Instababs Evolved

I’ve talked about instababs in previous entries but basically, instababs are photos that you edit using multiple smart phone apps to make the picture look cooler than the original. The new resulting picture is called an “edit”. For me instababs started out as just entertainment or a therapeutic recreation activity to pass the countless hours sitting in my wheelchair. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while it’s become much more, it’s become a vehicle for me to raise therapy funds. It’s pretty cool; people send me pics to edit and they go to Help Hope Live  and drop a donation for whatever they feel the edit is worth to help with my therapy expenses.

The only thing that was missing was a tag or name… One day I was sitting here doing an edit and “iQuadits” popped into my head.

Say what?

iQuadits, pronounced \ī-kwä-dəts\

“i” is for iPhone because that’s all I use.

“Quad” is short for quadriplegic.

“its” is for edits because it’s what I do.

Check out some of my edits below. To see more follow me, @iQuadits, or search the hashtag iQuadits on Instagram. To get your edit done e-mail me at












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