Iphone Lover

A big chunk of my morning has been devoted to figuring out and paying these medical bills. This is not just a SCI thing, anybody who has had a major medical event knows that medical/insurance billing makes no sense. The good news is that with the use of the iPhone/iPad I’ve been able to take care of this myself rather than my wife doing it. This was about to be a entry about how horrible medical billing is but I much rather talk about how I can’t live without my iPhone, LOL! I mean really what would I do if I was injured just 5 years ago before the release of the first iPhone? My iPhone is a major part of my day even more so than most able body folks. With the touch screen and accessibility features, I can make and answer my own calls, use email and the internet. Being able to use these functions allows me to set doctors appointments, schedule transportation, fill prescriptions, order medical supplies, order presents, control the thermostat, control the alarm system, research my condition, control my laptop, social media and more. I guess quad or able bodied we do the same things with our phone the only difference is that with out my iPhone I wouldn’t be able to do a majority of it. All in all its a big aid in every quads quest for independence.

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