If I Didn’t Have To I Wouldn’t

Well, ladies and gents if you follow my blog or you know me personally, you know that I really don’t like asking for help especially in the form of fundraisers but I realize that to keep moving and progressing I don’t have a choice. This year we are hosting a cash raffle to raise funds to continue my therapy at Race to Walk and help with on going medical expenses. I know your probably like, “what no DavidCan 5k Fun Day?” Don’t stress we are hoping to have an event later in the year to get everybody together for some fun!

Race To Walk Raffle

Tickets go on sale August 1st, my third year injury anniversary or Rebirth Day as I like to call it, ending September 30th, the last day of Spinal Cord Injury Awarness Month.

With each ticket you buy you get a chance at 3 cash prizes!

1. Grand Prize = 15% of total sales up to $500
2. Second Prize = 10% of total sales up to $300
3. Third Prize = 5% of total sales up to $100

Drawing will be held October 15th.

To purchase (register) tickets online visit http://www.bitly.com/racetowalkraffle

(Tickets will be register under your name and added to the drawing)

As always, myself and my family thank you for your continued support!

** Anyone interested in selling physical raffle tickets please contact me at djeffers7@gmail.com

Race to Walk Raffle

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