Day 3 of Day Program

Today I got over my new fear of flying! After my accident I was just like I’m not even trying to travel at all really, but I’m definitely not going to fly. Well today as a part of Shepherd’s therapeutic rec program we took a trip to the airport. We went through security and actually boarded a plane. My wife and I were shocked at how smooth it went. Don’t get me wrong by no means was it easy but it was very doable. This activity really opened a door for us and definitely reduced the stress associated with air travel. There may be a couples trip in our near future (we just have to figure out how to bring the other equipment we need)!

The other big news is that we had my goal setting meeting today. All my therapist were on board with what I thought my goals should be and felt like they were all attainable. They also informed me that I will be here at least 5 weeks instead of 4.

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