Compliment a Quad

At the gym the other day my trainer pointed out that my scaps were looking good, not wing nearly as much as they used to. Scap wing is when your shoulder blade(s) stick out because either the supporting muscles are weak or inactive. Scap winging is bad because it will lead to shoulder injuries, especially in quads because we rely on our shoulders for the majority of our arm movement. This observation or compliment came right on time because I was getting discouraged about my progress or what seemed like the lack there of. See we have been working on scap strengthening for a few months now and it seemed to me that there had been no real change. Most of the time I can’t tell if things are improving or not; its kind of like working to loose weight without a mirror or scale to measure your progress. This holds true for a lot aspects of the quad life rehab process. It’s like you work so hard to achieve things that seem small, so small they often go unnoticed by others and even yourself. So take a minute and compliment a quad, it just might make their day, week or month. You may with just a few words, in couple of seconds validate their efforts, show them that all that hard work is paying off, you might even stop them from giving up.

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