Cinco de Mayo

This weekend, was Cinco de Mayo and I had a great time hanging out at my friends house, who had a nice family friendly Cinco de Mayo potluck lunch. Now that the weather is getting nice I really like to get out more and be social, but its not as easy as it used to be. Yesterday was a prime example. All I wanted to do was take my family over to my friends house for a little fun, but I had to worry about if I can even get in the house with my chair. Normally, when I go to their house I go around back and use my ramp (yes I have to cart around a 6ft aluminum ramp) to go in their back door. With all the rain we were afraid that my 500lb chariot would sink and get stuck going across the yard. At this point I figured I was just out of luck and that I would have to miss out on yet another gathering. It turns out that I have some really great friends so they made this little adaptor for my ramp and shuffled the garage around so I could get in their garage entrance. They didn’t stop there they even moved the furniture around so I could move around and feel comfortable. Often times it doesn’t turn out this well. There are some places even public places that are literally impossible for me to get into. Even when we are going out for lunch or dinner we have not only consider if I can get in the door, but how busy the place is, what the seating is like, etc. Oh, yeah plus we have to drive this big 15 passenger eyesore of a van to accommodate my chair. My hope is that I can get out of my power chair and start using my manual chair. My manual chair will make things much more accessible because it small and light, it fits under most tables, u can be lifted up and down a few steps and I can get in to a regular car. To get in that manual chair to make life easier I have to get stronger, this is another reason I stay so dedicated to my rehabilitation.

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