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Lets Build Boys!

Check out me and my little guys getting our build on. Please view, like and subscribe!

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Friends (how many of us have them)

“Friends How many of us have them? Friends Ones we can depend on Friends How many of us have them? Friends Before we go any further, lets be Friends” – Whodini My friend came to visit the other day and we were talking about life after my accident. He was telling me how most people just don’t really know the … Continue reading

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Quad Father’s Day

Father’s Day was just about 2 weeks ago now so I know I’m late but I wanted to talk about my greatest gift. I didn’t actually receive it on Father’s Day but on the Thursday before. This gift was a gift that was too big to come by US mail, FedEx or UPS. It’s kind of funny actually because I … Continue reading

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Burn Something (Please Don’t)

I did something scary and dangerous today… I had to do it, I had no choice. I was home alone and I couldn’t go without it. Today I poured myself a cup of coffee, crazy right?! Yeah, my family is out of town this weekend so I had my nurse make me some coffee before she left. I really wanted a … Continue reading

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Hey, I just wanted to say Happy New Year from my family to you and yours!  Also, I’m looking forward to the adventures this new year will bring so be on the look out, that’s BOLO for short for new exciting content.

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Man oh man another August 1st has rolled up on me… It’s always a time of mixed emotions. On one hand I’m so grateful for all the progress I’ve made, staying healthy, all the love/support and relationships, etc that have happened over the passed 5 years but on the other hand the frustration and disappointment I feel that physically I’m … Continue reading

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DWYCK (remix)

It’s official DWYCK (that’s the nickname for my Buick, just because I’m so hip-hop as you already know) is in the shop to be converted so I can drive!!! I’m excited and frustrated because it will be gone for 6 weeks, just in time for summer but overall I’m thankful it’s finally getting done. As you can see I dropped … Continue reading

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Let Zero Be Your Hero

After my accident I learned very quickly you must be your own advocate. No business even government run or medically related is going to look out for your best interest. At best they will do the minimum, if that. One of the hardest parts about advocating for yourself is simply getting a human on the phone! Here is a trick … Continue reading

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Straight Outta

William G Enloe Magnet High School is more than my alma mater, it’s the best! While I was there (class of 96) I knew Enloe was something special but now with my 20 year reunion right around the corner I really know it. I could tell you a million stories and reasons why it’s so great and how my time … Continue reading

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Kicks N Coffee

Kicks and Coffee two things I can’t do like I want to… By no means have I ever been a sneaker head but I like a fresh pair of kicks with a little bit of lace game. Now here is where you’d think the wheelchair guy would have a leg up (lol) seeing that they stay safely planted on the … Continue reading

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