I am a 38 year old, husband, father, son and brother that happens to be a quadriplegic, tetraplegic, quad or whatever you prefer to call it. I guess I shouldn’t say I happen to be a quad but rather quadriplegia happened to me. About 5 years ago I was on vacation with my 2 year old son and my then pregnant wife. We went for an evening swim and as I’ve done a million times I dove threw a wave to avoid being toppled. Who knew at that moment our lives would be drastically changed for ever. I’m not sure if it was the shear impact of the wave or if I hit a hidden sand bar but like momma always warned, I finally did it, I broke my neck.

My quad stats: C5/C6 ASIA B Incomplete Quadriplegic

What does this all mean? Basically I have little or no feeling below my chest, I can move my arms but some muscles like my triceps don’t work and I don’t have any hand function. Oh and we can’t forget that I don’t have bowel or bladder function either.

Prior to the accident I was a senior level engineer, co-creator of an online hip-hop label, and pretty good handyman if I say so myself.

Currently, I’m enjoying my family and I’m continually working hard at staying healthy and living life.


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