45 Minute Gym Commute

Yesterday was gym day. After my nursing care is complete my wife helps me take my meds and eat breakfast, then it’s off on a 45 minute ride to the gym. You’re probably wondering why I go to a gym that is 45 minutes away. I go to a special gym called Race to Walk. Race to Walk is patterned after a larger outfit named Project Walk, it is devoted to providing a comprehensive, post-acute program for individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries, specializing in exercise-based training.

Exercise or activity based training focuses on using specific exercises that are related to the same movement patterns that occur during human development. Through these movements they are attempting to re-establish patterned neural activity within the central nervous system. In conjunction with reducing certain medications combined with the exercise based training many people have found that it improves their overall health, quality of life, helps them to progress in their recovery and yes even walk!

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