This Quad Needs A Sign And A Hobby

Looking back at yesterday, I wish I had a big sign that says my condition, what happened to me and that Brody was conceived prior to me getting hurt. We went to the big play area at Plaza Fiesta and as always you could see the questions on all the parents faces.

Anyway, lets move on to today. My goal for today is to see if I have an old copy of Photoshop I can put on my computer. I want to see not only if I can learn how to use it but also see if I can physically do it. Right now without the use of my hands I use a couple pieces of assistive technology to operate my computer. (An assistive technology device in general means any item that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of a person with a disability.) I use a universal cuff or splint with a slot that will hold items like writing utensils and my stylus combined with an app for my iPhone that allows my phone to act as the computer mouse pad and keyboard. This setup works pretty good for office applications and searching the web, but is not so good for click and drag or shrink/expand gestures. Hopefully, I can make this work for Photoshop, so it can become my new hobby and eventually a business opportunity.

S/N: New quads are always in search of new things they can do for entertainment or to be productive that they can do with their physical limitations.

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