The Monster is Gone, Ain’t Nothing Like Giving

Old Monster Van

It’s official as of this weekend my old monster handicap van is gone. As much junk as I talk about my old van I know it was a huge blessing for us to get a reliable accessible vehicle at the price we did. It served us well as our transitional vehicle over the past 2 years. Yep countless trips to the doctor and therapy as well as several trips to Atlanta with no trouble, it really served its purpose. As I talked about in previous entries it was time to move on an get a vehicle that was more conducive to daily driving and the family’s safety/comfort. We ended up with a 2007 Buick Terraza Entervan. Instead of trading or selling the old van we wanted to donate it. We were able to find another quad who had been pretty much home bound because she didn’t have a van for about 4 years. Knowing that we are able to help her get out is a great feeling. I know this small thing on my part is going to be a huge change in her life. Ok now, I need to workout so I can make my new van obsolete and donate that one too!

The new van.

The new van

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