The Go To Guy, NOT!

Not to be Mr David Downer, but my blog is a place for me to capture my experience, so that someone can relate or better understand the Quad Life. Anyway, I was just thinking how when Jaxon wanted or needed something he would come to me, if Yas needed or wanted something she would come to me, if my family members were in a situation they would… Well you get the picture, I was the go to guy. After my accident I am still the go to guy, NOT! Jaxon is all about mommy now because he realizes that physically daddy can’t do much. Brody he won’t even look my way when he is in need and to see my wife hang pictures and fix things is some what entertaining it is still a hard pill to swallow.

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3 Responses to The Go To Guy, NOT!

  1. Boogs says:

    Still a go to go for me for many things….

  2. jackie samuels says:

    I have seen you bravely swallow that pill. Remenber the time when little Brody was crawling near you and yoour foot was off the wheelchair and when you said “Brody put my foot back.” He really stopped and tried to do it. They both look for the bedroom door to open for you in the mornings. Jaxon knows you are the go to guy for outside activities, while he may asked “Mama” he knows you are the one who always will go with him. Many time when he crys he climbs into your lap to be comforted, especially bedtime….you have that touch. I still need your go to guy wisdom, even when you’re teasing me. Love Ya Always

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