The Ever So Important U Cuff

Ok, for those of you that don’t know what a U cuff is, it is short for universal cuff. It is a strap that goes on your hand that has a slot for a tool/utensil for a person that does not have normal (grasp) hand function. Most people use a u cuff to hold eating and writing utensils or a stylus etc.  I primarilly use my u cuff for holding my stylus to operate my IPhone and IPad.

Quick side note: I don’t use my u cuff for eating because its awkward, most utensils won’t fit in it and I’ve found a superior alternative Dining with Dignity forks and spoons, which I’ll discuss in the future.

My favorite u cuff for my primary use with a stylus is the Norco™ Universal Cuff by North Coast Medical. I like it because its not that medical tan color, it has a plastic D ring (which helps me put it on and isn’t bad to bite like metal ones), and doesn’t seem to stretch out to fast. The only negative about this product for me is the pocket is a little loose for a my stylus or standard pen but this is easily tweaked with a little tape around the stylus or pen. You can purchase the item direct from North Coast Medical, but I prefer to order from Amazon. It is about a dollar more on Amazon but if you use Amazon Prime like me it’s free 2 day shipping so it’s a wash, not to mention shopping on Amazon is quad friendly.


Well, I hope this review has been helpful. Please drop a comment if you have any questions.

More to come on Dining with Dignity silverware.

Also check out my previous blog post to see how I use my stylus along with my iPhone to make my life easier and better as a Quad, IPhone Lover.

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