Thank You Santa

Dear Santa,

I want to thank you for building and storing the Power Wheels Dune Racer for the boys and storing it in your workshop. While I’m at it I want to thank you for doing the same last year with the bike, etc. and thank you and Mrs Claus for watching the house while we were in Atlanta.

Ok, I’m not talking about the real Mr and Mrs Claus. I’m actually talking about my neighbors John and Kelly Hurtt. For the past 2 years they have assembled and stored Christmas gifts for the boys and took care of our house when we went back to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for therapy and overall are just great neighbors. We were introduced to the Hurtts by a mutual good friend of ours when we moved in so we didn’t really know them and that’s part of what makes their acts of kindness so cool.

Again thanks guys!

I want to use some of my upcoming entries to go back and thank some people who have unexpectedly helped/supported my family and I throughout my journey.

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