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Iphone Lover

A big chunk of my morning has been devoted to figuring out and paying these medical bills. This is not just a SCI thing, anybody who has had a major medical event knows that medical/insurance billing makes no sense. The good news is that with the use of the iPhone/iPad I’ve been able to take care of this myself rather … Continue reading

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Fat Boy

Today will be a light one, today I want talk about all the fat @$$ quads out there! Just kidding, lol, kinda… After my accident I lost around 50 pounds and I wasn’t fat to start with, unless you ask G Pitt, so I was looking pretty anorexic. Now that I have regained a healthy amount of my weight and … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo

This weekend, was Cinco de Mayo and I had a great time hanging out at my friends house, who had a nice family friendly Cinco de Mayo potluck lunch. Now that the weather is getting nice I really like to get out more and be social, but its not as easy as it used to be. Yesterday was a prime … Continue reading

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This Quad Needs A Sign And A Hobby

Looking back at yesterday, I wish I had a big sign that says my condition, what happened to me and that Brody was conceived prior to me getting hurt. We went to the big play area at Plaza Fiesta and as always you could see the questions on all the parents faces. Anyway, lets move on to today. My goal … Continue reading

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Instababs is my new therapeutic recreation  activity which combines assistive technology, fine motor skills, art and social media. Instababs is actually a hash-tag used in Instagram to describe photos that have been created or edited using smart phone apps such as  Camera+, Snapseed, Frame Magic, Squaready and Juxtaposer.  Basically, you take a photo(s) and use multiple apps to make the … Continue reading

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