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Starting the Neurorecovery Network

All righty then… Let me see… I’m trying to figure out where to start because my last entry was, wow, on my rebirth-day, 8/1. I have to do better! Well, I’m back in Atlanta for the Neurorecovery Network (NRN). It started on Wednesday with some baseline testing. The coolest test they did was a standing test to see what my … Continue reading

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It’s My Party

Yep, today is my 2 year rebirth day, the anniversary of my life changing accident. Every time one of these milestones come up they bring about mixed emotions. On one hand I feel great full for my life and all the progress I have made. On the other hand I feel disappointed that I’m not further along. It’s also crazy … Continue reading

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People Against Dr Prescribed Nocebos, PADPN

People Against Dr Prescribed Nocebos, PADPN (pronounced pad pen) coming soon. This will contain info on SCI you may not hear from your doctor and hopefully motivation to keep up the fight.

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Whatchoo Talkin Bout Willis?!

I found the following information online the other day and wonder why my doctor didn’t discuss this when going over my prognosis. Instead he only gave me the stat that I only have a 3% chance of ever walking again. “AMBULATION AFTER AN INCOMPLETE INJURY According to the Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury, or WISCI, more than half of … Continue reading

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45 Minute Gym Commute

Yesterday was gym day. After my nursing care is complete my wife helps me take my meds and eat breakfast, then it’s off on a 45 minute ride to the gym. You’re probably wondering why I go to a gym that is 45 minutes away. I go to a special gym called Race to Walk. Race to Walk is patterned … Continue reading

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Compliment a Quad

At the gym the other day my trainer pointed out that my scaps were looking good, not wing nearly as much as they used to. Scap wing is when your shoulder blade(s) stick out because either the supporting muscles are weak or inactive. Scap winging is bad because it will lead to shoulder injuries, especially in quads because we rely … Continue reading

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David Can! Zumbathon

 David Can! Zumbathon  June 2, 2013 we will be having our first David Can! Zumbathon. The event will be from 2-4 pm at Bien Venue, 1402 East Williams St, Apex, NC 27539. To pre register online visit http://bit.ly/DavidCanZumbathon. For more information  or to volunteer please contact: Ashley Palmer at  919-280-4052 or palmer_ashley@hotmail.com. The reason for this fundraiser is primarily to pay for rehab and  medical expenses that … Continue reading

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Scatter Brain

Today I’m having a hard time focusing. My plan was to really work hard on writing my account of what happened the day of the accident, but my mind seems to be all over the place. I have been thinking about how to get this invention idea I have off the ground, my progress in rehab, raising the boys, how … Continue reading

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