Stolen Memories: Ilderton Conversions

Ilderton Incompetent Conversions

Ilderton Incompetent Conversions

Today is both of my son’s last day of gymnastics camp and they will be putting on a performance to show off their new skills. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending. I will not see my 3 year old in his first performance or see how my 6 year old improved from last year. I will not be there to hug and high five them and tell them how they did a good job or comfort them if they don’t quite pull that flip off or tumble move the way they had hoped. This is one memory I just won’t get to have. Who can I thank for this; ILDERTON CONVERSIONS of Charlotte. Once again they have failed to fix my wheelchair accessible van properly in a timely manner, leaving me stuck at the house. I’ll save the details of the lousy experience with Ilderton that started from the day I purchased my van and every service visit for a separate blog entry. Today, I just needed to vent these wheelchair woes.

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