Quad Father’s Day

Father’s Day was just about 2 weeks ago now so I know I’m late but I wanted to talk about my greatest gift.

I didn’t actually receive it on Father’s Day but on the Thursday before. This gift was a gift that was too big to come by US mail, FedEx or UPS. It’s kind of funny actually because I helped with the gift, so did Jaxon but it was really Brody that made it happen. This gift gave me confidence in my ability as a father and pride in my son’s.

Ok ok what was it you ask? My little Brody learned how to ride his 2 wheel bike!

Teaching a child to ride a bike is no easy task for any parent but it’s extra difficult for me as a quadriplegic. I thought I could use the same technique I used to teach my older son Jaxon but when I tried that I was quickly reminded just how different Jaxon and Brody are and that their learning style was just as different. To make a long story short Jaxon, Brody and myself worked together to modify his bike in several ways: no training wheels, one training wheel then finally removing the pedals to make a balance bike which was the thing that worked for Brody. The boys and I have a real system. Usually, I’m the brain and since my hands don’t work they’re the braun. I came up with the idea of how to modify the bike, Jaxon did most of the wrench turning and teaching his little brother, while Brody stayed determined and worked hard at riding. It really took all 3 to make it happen!

So yes this gift was much greater than anything that could be put in a box. It’s these things that make my day to day struggles not just as a quad but as a father in general all worth it. This is the stuff that helps me fight through the pain, push me to hit the gym and stay healthy and overall just make it happen because these kids these memories are what it’s all about.

Happy belated Father’s Day!

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