Ok let me start by giving you a list of phrases:

Can you
Will you
Do you mind
Please help
I need
Pass me
I need support
Please donate

These are all phrases of need and dependence and I don’t like it. I haven’t been this dependent on others since I was in diapers. Having to always ask for stuff really drives me crazy. It’s not really even a pride thing, for me it’s the fact that I’m a “doer” and I’ve been doing and taking care of myself and others for a long time. So for it to change so drastically, becoming a needy totally dependent person in a split second is mind blowing. Yes even though its been over a year and a half I still have not gotten used to it and I hate saying those phrases. Even with doing fundraisers, I feel bad about asking for help and donations. I feel like this is turning in to a bit of a rant, which is not my intention. I’m just trying to give you an idea of one of the mental battles a quad goes through. The only piece of advice I can give to people, is try to offer assistance, before they have to ask or if you know something needs to be done just do it. At least that will cut down on the asking on the quads part; it’s a small thing but its good for the s psyche. Let me drop a couple of examples, if you are thirsty or hungry and you are about to eat or drink odds are the quad is too, so offer him or her something. If you know that the quad used to take out the trash or cut the grass, just quietly roll his trash out on trash day or swing by and cut the grass. Try to think of what their roll was in their home/environment and how you can help fill the gaps since they may not be able to perform those duties any more.

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