NRN First Full Week

I made it through my first full week of NRN. It seems like its improving each day. What do I mean by improving you say? I’ll explain it the best I can without getting too technical. There are physical therapist/technicians that move my legs through the walking motion. If my legs are tight or spastic it is hard for them to make my legs go in a natural motion or reach the target speed of 2.0. It seems like each day that tightness and spasticity is breaking down faster so we can get into the groove faster. Also, my ability to hold my head and shoulders in the upright position has improved allowing me to tolerate supporting more of my own body weight. Almost forgot, I’m feeling much better after the treadmill, no near pass out episodes.

As of Friday, I have started the weening process for my anti-spasm medicine. One of the requirements for the NRN is that you are not on any anti-spasm medicine. Well, you are allowed 20 milligrams of Baclofen at night which is almost nothing considering I was taking 40 mg 3 times a day plus 50 mg of Dantrium 3 times a day. I pray this works out. I think it will because I believe my spasms were caused by the cyst on my spine which has sense been removed. This is exciting because if this works the only meds I’ll be on is a multivitamin and creatine!

Looking forward to another good week!

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