Instababs is my new therapeutic recreation  activity which combines assistive technology, fine motor skills, art and social media. Instababs is actually a hash-tag used in Instagram to describe photos that have been created or edited using smart phone apps such as  Camera+, Snapseed, Frame Magic, Squaready and Juxtaposer.  Basically, you take a photo(s) and use multiple apps to make the picture look cooler than the original. This is possible for me thanks to my u-cuff, stylus and smart phone with touch screen technology (iPhone).  It has provided hours of entertainment for me and for a quad that is priceless. Often our activities are limited and we are always looking for something new to do.  It has also opened the door for me to do some basic graphic designs, for my t-shirt line I’m working on.

Thanks Mark for putting me on!

For a quick instababs tutorial visit:

Some examples of my instababs and a t-shirt design are shown below.

Brody Instababs
Raleigh Instababs
Quad Life Zen
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