imageFunny, my wife and I were talking about the prediction of mini ice age in 15 years and I had an epiphany. As I’m sitting here (like usually do being wheelchair bound and all, lol) causally explaining how we needed a wood burning fireplace and to stock pile firewood, dry goods, etc. I was really freaking out. Ok not really but I did wonder what I would do IF I was still in this wheelchair, how would I take care of my family during a disaster?  At that moment I realized that before my accident I was a pretty fearless dude! I never worried or feared a disaster, a risk, not having or something going wrong. I guess I just felt like whatever happened I could handle it. If money got tight I could get a second job, if my family was in danger I could jump in harms way or if that ice age hit I could convert our car into a family suburban assault snow mobile.  Now that I’m a quadriplegic and physically helpless in many ways I do find myself worrying or fearing things that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before. It’s not just the physical, a catastrophic injury like this effects your mental too. You know how people TALK about how freak accidents can happen or tomorrow isn’t promised well it’s different when you know that for a fact. When the freak accident actually happens to you and your whole life has changed in an instant, it kind of puts a little fear in you. There you have it my Quad-Life insight for today.

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