Fat Boy

Today will be a light one, today I want talk about all the fat @$$ quads out there! Just kidding, lol, kinda…

After my accident I lost around 50 pounds and I wasn’t fat to start with, unless you ask G Pitt, so I was looking pretty anorexic. Now that I have regained a healthy amount of my weight and even picked up some muscle mass in my arms and shoulders I’ve been getting some good compliments, which I love. My favorite compliment is, “you’re looking like yourself,” or “you’re looking like the old Dave,” etc. On the flip side the one I don’t like and no quad does is “man you’re looking health, gained your weight back , you even got a belly now, that’s good”. Not cool, I mean I see why people say it and why it seems like a good thing but its kind of like telling a pregnant lady she has a belly. Like the pregnant lady I can’t help it. My belly is not from sitting on my butt eating too many cheese burgers, it’s actually a condition we refer to as a “quad belly”. Quad belly is the term used for the overstretching of the paralyzed abdominal muscle wall from the weight of the body organs when sitting. It is not caused by being overweight, although certainly excess abdominal organ fat makes it worse. Since the person who has it is paralyzed in those muscles it is not possible to use exercise to tighten them up again. So next time you see that quad with his budda belly please don’t rub it, say its cute, talk about, etc., just keep it moving, LOL.

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