Catastrophic Injury

A spinal cord injury falls in the category of a catastrophic injury. It’s pretty obvious how it applies to the physical damage it does and how that changes ones life, but lets touch on some of the other casualties. This injury is also mentally devastating not only for the victim, but the victims family and friends. It’s reach goes as far as associates or even strangers. Also, in its wake it leaves damaged and destroys relationships. In all honesty the mental battle for me has been much harder than the physical. It will expose behaviors or push people to behave in ways you would never imagine both good and and bad. With some I’ve become closer to than I would have ever expected and others couldn’t be more distant. I guess you think disaster or tragedy is going to play out like it does on TV. Disaster strikes, good people come together to save the day, everybody smiles and the camera goes off. Little do you know the real trauma happens now the real story unfolds.

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