Blog or bust! (blogging about blogging)

Blog or Bust

Today I’ve decided to blog about blogging. Pretty lame right? I thought so too at first but then I realized if I don’t start writing my efforts to set up my blog would be useless.

That being said let me tell you about my pain and suffering related to my attempts to get things going. Maybe it will save somebody some time and avoid feeling like a dumb @$$ like me.

I was totally inspired one day to get my website going so I zip over to Godaddy to purchase my domain name, Bam that was pretty painless, now what?  Like any new domain owner would do I started designing, well trying to design, with the provided templates. My excitement quickly dwindled when I found the templates were very limited, basically useless except for a placeholder.  I’m pretty frustrated at this point because I don’t think I can do this myself and honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this site at all.  My ultimate goal was/is to create  site for quads like me who are looking to relate, be inspired and inspire as well as provide some insight to my non-quads, and eventually add a small store that has quad friendly products tested and approved by me. Obviously, the free template was not going to handle this…on to the blog site.

So I get word that WordPress is the way to go for the do it yourself blogger. Oh yeah I’m all about this it has an app and everything! Well, to make long story short (because I feel like this post is getting long winded) it wasn’t so easy and the app doesn’t seem to work. I had to get my good friend do the basic setup and I’m still trying to tweak it, but I decided that I should just launch it as a work in progress. I figured its better to launch now like this to put the pressure on me to get it done.

So here you have it!

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