Man oh man another August 1st has rolled up on me…

It’s always a time of mixed emotions. On one hand I’m so grateful for all the progress I’ve made, staying healthy, all the love/support and relationships, etc that have happened over the passed 5 years but on the other hand the frustration and disappointment I feel that physically I’m not where I want or think I should be despite all my efforts. I’m feeling especially weird about this being my 5 year rebirth because it’s kind of the last spinal cord injury post accident milestone. Supposedly, at the 5 year mark everything levels out, you’ve got your routine down every thing is going smoothly, you’re happy and have moved on with your life. For me life is much better, easier, smoother and I’ve excepted my situation but I’m far from being comfortable and content.

Sorry if I’m rambling but I’m just trying to get my thoughts out today, no eloquently drafted post or launching of my fundraiser just trying to get it out.

This year you’ve probably noticed less post about my injury and more about my art, or driving, business plans etc. I’ve really just tried to focus on living. I haven’t even planned out my fundraiser this year. That’s not to say I’ve given up in improving physically because I definitely have not. Actually, I’ve decided to go big this year! There’s a lot of gross, painful, humiliating things that happen as a result of my injury that I don’t really talk about but this year I’m going to make moves to improve these things which will greatly improve my quality of life. If y’all are with me, by this time next year I want to be headed to Thailand to get the epidural back stimulator (more details coming soon)!

Alright let me shut up now. One last and definitely not least thing, I want to thank all my friends, family and strangers that have supported me the passed 5 years. I especially want thank my super dope wife, Yasmine, my mother-n-law for being here week after week to help make it all happen, my sister PJ, my boys and the Enloe alumni!

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