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Compliment a Quad

At the gym the other day my trainer pointed out that my scaps were looking good, not wing nearly as much as they used to. Scap wing is when your shoulder blade(s) stick out because either the supporting muscles are weak or inactive. Scap winging is bad because it will lead to shoulder injuries, especially in quads because we rely … Continue reading

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The Go To Guy, NOT!

Not to be Mr David Downer, but my blog is a place for me to capture my experience, so that someone can relate or better understand the Quad Life. Anyway, I was just thinking how when Jaxon wanted or needed something he would come to me, if Yas needed or wanted something she would come to me, if my family … Continue reading

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David Can! Zumbathon

 David Can! Zumbathon  June 2, 2013 we will be having our first David Can! Zumbathon. The event will be from 2-4 pm at Bien Venue, 1402 East Williams St, Apex, NC 27539. To pre register online visit For more information  or to volunteer please contact: Ashley Palmer at  919-280-4052 or The reason for this fundraiser is primarily to pay for rehab and  medical expenses that … Continue reading

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